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5 Best Ways To Increase Profitability For Your Online Business

Jul 03, 2023

Being able to increase the profitability of your business can be one of the most crucial skills you'll learn as an entrepreneur. By increasing your profits, you're able to grow your business faster, increase your advertising budget, and hire or train even better employees. This importance of increasing profitability and profits is while we're going to walk you through our 5 favorite ways to increase profitability for any business in any industry.

We've both researched and practiced these strategies for over 20 years so we're sure about how successful they'll be for your business when you apply them. Each tactic we'll be going through will affect a different aspect of your business, but also still increase your overall profits you're able to generate. 

Let's walk through these methods for profit scaling now...

5 Best Ways To Increase Profitability

1. Increase Your Opt-in Rate With Split Testing

One of the most efficient and easy ways for instantly improving both your profits and your number of leads, is through increasing your opt-in rates. Think about this, the average opt-in rate on any lead capture page is around 15-20%. Do you know what happens when you can increase this rate to 30-50%? You're able to instantly reduce how much you're spending acquire the same number of leads as before.

This causes your overall profits to increase as you just reduced your expenses. Simple do a split test on some of the following landing or lead capture page elements and you'll be able to easily and quickly increase your profits through a higher opt-in rate...

  1. Split test your headlines
  2. Split test your button or call to action
  3. Split test your social proof
  4. Split test any imagery or videos on the page


2. Decrease Your Ad Costs By Making Ads More Effective

1 simple increase to your click through rate on one of your ads can mean a huge boost for your profitability. For example, let's imagine you're able to improve one of your Facebook ads click through rates from 2% to 5%. This means you'll generate at least 2X more clicks, and 2X more views, and 2X more leads for your business. 

Thus, you just increase profits again! And, it didn't cost you a penny to do so. You'll want to optimize your ads call to action, the copy used for each ad, and also any imagery or videos used for your ads.


3. Upsell And Down-Sell More Often

 It's very simple and easy to do, while also being able of producing many times more profit! Upselling, down-selling, and reselling to both your leads and customers alike - is the fastest way to produce more sales and profit. You can even do this in the next 24 hours and see how effective it is!

Because here's the truth of the matter..

Both leads and customers alike need...

  • A variety of their problems solved
  • Solutions and benefits they don't even know about yet
  • More value and to be moving forward in their customer journey

Because of these factors, it's crucial that you are selling your customers and leads a variety of product & services alike.

You'll help your leads and customers while also massively increasing your profits very quickly. If you don't have another product or service to promote, become an affiliate for a company that does! Either way just make sure you are promoting multiple different potential offers.


4. Train Employees & VA's With Higher Quality Training

A long term plan for profits and continued success in your business, is to make sure your employees & team members are able to be trained to their full potential. The businesses that grow the fastest and that see the highest profit margins, always have high quality training for their team. Because the more efficient and effective your team is, the more you'll see growth across all business related metrics.

We suggest using the training & education platform here at Profitalize in order to ensure your team is able to access the highest quality world class business training possible.

Training your employees will also retain them for longer, which can save $10,000's for any business. 


5. Focus On Making Larger Partnerships And Deals

 One of the things that can quickly scale profits, is to make sure time is spent on the largest profit producing deals possible. Here's an example of this... It's a much more profitable idea to spend your time generating affiliate partnerships, versus trying to generate individual customers. Why is this? Because 1 affiliate can generate 100's to 1000's of customers - that's worth a lot more then your time generating 1 or 2 customers at a time. 

So, focus on activities that can bring in the largest number of customers at the lowest cost of your time and money. This will in essence drastically increase ROI & profits. As it costs you less to produce more in overall profits and many other business growth metrics.

 Big deals can mean big money for your business!


Final Thoughts On Improving Your Profit Margins & Profitability

Make sure you use these strategies immediately so you can reap the benefits of increased profit margins as soon as possible! Profits at a high margin allow you to improve your business, employee base, and to invest in your businesses future. 

If you want to see the maximum results possible then you should apply all of these strategies at once. It will take some time and effort to be done right, but overall it will mean maximum profitability over time.

Thank you so much for reading through these 5 profitability hacks, we appreciate you so much! Make sure you become a member of our community if you want to learn every single possible way to grow your business at max profit.

With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg & The Profitalize Team

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