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Entre Institute Review: Honest Insights About Jeff Lerner Training

reviews Jan 22, 2024

This is a complete honest Entre Institute Review that walks through every important detail concerning this training program.

After going through and reviewing the training provided by Jeff Lerner's company, and grading the quality, we have a comprehensive guide to provide for you.

Through this review you'll learn a variety of important points that tell you whether or not Entre Institute is right for you. Let's walk through briefly the most critical aspects of Entre, and what they provide.

Entre Institute Key Points:

About: Affiliate marketing training created by Jeff Lerner.

Price Range: $3.95 - $XX,XXX

Pros: 30-day refund policy, a decent beginner level training. 

Cons: Lack of depth, not for everyone, very basic level education. 

Final Decision About Entre: We don't recommend joining this company. Their training & guidance seems to all be a ploy to get you as a high ticket customer.


What Is Entre Institute?

Entre Institute is not a real institute. It is an affiliate training course that is created to upsell you to a higher ticket coaching program.

While reviewing and actually going through the training itself, essentially the training you initially purchase, is basically a path of indoctrination to prepare you to buy more from them. Unfortunately, this is not something we recommend or think is good for consumers. There definitely could be more value put into the training itself. 

Entre itself is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


Who Is Entre Institute For?

Entre Institute is for people who want to learn the very basics of starting a business. From our research and studying, we do not find it to be a substantial or in-depth guide. Much of the training is surface level, and there is quite a lot of filler to indoctrinate you without being upfront. Unfortunately it seems there are a lot of places in their training that could use improvement and transparency.


Who Is The CEO & Founder Of Entre?

The founder & CEO of Entre is Jeff Lerner. Jeff is a piano player, family man, father, and multi-business owner. He is extremely successful from launching & creating Entre. 

While he has created a profitable & growing company, there is much room for upgrades and better training.



There is a range of costs associated with Entre if you are looking to become a customer or learn from them.

Cost Range: $3 - $XX,XXX

You'll find that through many upsells, down-sells, and coaching calls, Entre overtime can become extremely expensive. While we have not gone through their higher priced coaching programs, we have reviewed and do not think their lower cost options are of much value.


How Good Is The Course?

The Entre Institute, "Success Path Masterclass" is a basic level extreme beginner course. We'd give the course & training a 1 out of 5 stars, as there are free videos on YouTube that teach more in depth and better value training. Keep in mind we have watched through and digested training from Entre multiple times to be able to provide this review.

The upsells seem to have more value however then the Success Path Masterclass and eBook which is where the majority of their emphasis is.


Should You Join Entre Institute?

No, we have found that Entre Institute does not currently provide enough value. Through their training, eBooks, and more - there still isn't much tangible and in depth knowledge shared by Entre. They have built a successful community that simply needs more built into it, in order for them to be considered from research, a better entrepreneur training company.

There are many better other options for learning how to grow an online business, or learning how to grow a digital business. 



Here is a list of various products, upsells, and down-sells, that EntreInstitute offers.

Each has their own respective pricing and different levels of knowledge being delivered.

1. Success Path Masterclass

2. The Foundations

3. Productivity Course

4. Coaching



Best Alternatives

There are many better alternatives to Entre Institute you should consider whether you're looking to start or grow a business online. Here is a list of the best alternatives.

1. Profitalize

2. Matt Diggit's SEO Affiliate Course - The Affiliate Lab

3. Chris Do Training

From our own research and study, we have found that there are many other alternatives that should be taken advantage of first. Always research these alternatives before making a choice.


Final Review Thoughts

After thoroughly studying the training provided by Entre Institute in this review, we find that it is a basic level course that isn't as good as many other online marketing training courses in the industry. 

While Entre has well made funnels, marketing, and copywriting - they need to apply more of their own skillsets to the training that they have created.


With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg & The Profitalize Family

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