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Is Organic Lead Generation Dead?

lead generation Sep 21, 2023
Is Organic Lead Generation Dead

Organic lead generation is not dead, but it has evolved and become more competitive in the digital landscape. Organic lead generation has been a main staple of lead generation for most businesses throughout the world along with paid lead generation of course.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of organic lead generation strategies can vary depending on your industry, target audience, and the competitors in your marketplace. Additionally, search engine algorithms and social media algorithms can change over time, so staying up-to-date with the latest strategies and best practices is essential. Let's walk through how these different factors can impact organic lead generation - but overall they will never eliminate the strategy from being used.

Is Lead Generation Possible Organically?

While paid advertising can supplement organic lead generation efforts, many businesses continue to rely on and succeed with organic methods because they can build long-term, sustainable relationships with customers. However, it often requires time, effort, and consistency to see significant results from organic lead generation efforts.

So yes, of course lead generation is possible through organic methods. The question simply is, how effective are these methods over time? Most businesses struggle with all forms of lead generation, and organic lead gen is among the most difficult to do effectively. This is why a strong organic lead generation strategy is needed to generate enough quality leads for it to be worth while.

What's The Best Way To Get Started Doing Organic Lead Generation?

There are a few quick ways for your to start getting into the organic lead generation game. We're going to walk you through the first 3 things you should do to prepare yourself to begin doing proper organic lead gen that actually converts.

  1. Proper Audience Research & Understanding: In order for any business to be able to truly create content that doesn't just generate leads, but that also generates customers, you have to clearly understand your audience. You must know their strongest pleasure points & pain points - and how to relate those to your offer.
  2. Create Short Form Videos Such As Facebook Reelz, YouTube Shorts, & TikTok Videos: Right now, the best content that is great at generating large amount of traffic, views, and brand awareness - is short form videos on most social media networks. Create, optimize, and start launching your own short form videos to start your organic lead generation strategy.
  3. SEO & Optimize Your Websites, Funnels, And Blog Content For Search Engines: You should learn the basics of SEO so you can clearly identify a few changes to make to your websites and funnels in order to generate more lifetime free organic traffic from the search engines that everyone is using to discover brands online. 

Will Organic Lead Generation Ever Die Out?

No, content is and always will be a main foundation of all media & marketing. Because of this, organic lead generation will always be a form of lead generation that is capable of generating growth and profits. However, this doesn't mean that organic lead generation won't decrease in popularity or become more difficult to navigate through as more & more businesses adapt more organic lead gen strategies.

Through the creation of AI, crypto, and other technologies - it's hard to determine the future of all lead generation. While organic lead generation is still effective and powerful, you have to truly understand how to relate to your audience before it truly becomes powerful.

Final Thoughts On How Organic Lead Generation Is Still Alive

If you're going to start doing organic lead generation - study your competition and what they're doing first. Understand your audience clearly, and deploy a variety of immediate result producing organic lead generation tactics to be able to see quick results.

Both organic lead generation and paid lead generation are alive - they simply have been diluted by the vast number of businesses that are using them today.

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