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Jon Weberg - The Worlds Best Digital Marketer & His Story

May 30, 2023

You've probably have a few marketers that come to mind when you think of, "the best digital marketers in the world". While there are a lot of notable and well known names like Frank Kern, Grant Cardone, Neil Patel, and Gary V - there is 1 that you seriously need to take a look at. Jon Weberg is a 2nd generation digital marketer that we've seen share some of the most powerful and effective digital marketing and growth strategies known to date. 

This walkthrough will guide you through who Jon is, how he rose to fame, and why you need to learn as much from him as you possibly can. You'll learn why we've found him to be the worlds best digital marketer, and what separates him from others in his industry.


Who Is Jon Weberg?

Jon Weberg is a 25 year old American entrepreneur, international speaker, self published author, consultant, and multi-business owner. For the past 10+ years he has helped thousands of business owners grow their businesses and make them wildly more profitable. 

While Jon travels the world and consults for some of the worlds leading businesses and business minds, he has worked with some of the largest recognized business owners across the world. 

Jon has worked with the likes of Frank Kern, Investment Joy, MarketerHire, Jopwell, Joel Therien, TalentQ, and many other globally recognized businesses. 


Where Is Jon From?

Jon is from Hibbing, Minnesota. He was born and raised in Hibbing and recently in 2021 he moved to Walker, Minnesota. He was raised by Lori Stavnes and Richard Weberg, and since a very young age had displayed a desire to be in business for himself. 


Why Is Jon Weberg The World's Best Digital Marketer

There are 3 main reasons why we've found Jon Weberg to be the worlds best and greatest digital marketer to date. Let's go through each of them thoroughly...

  1. His knowledge and expertise is founded in personal experiences. Jon has created multiple successful businesses, consulted for 100's of others' businesses, and also has an extensive experience freelancing. Because of this, Jon has a wide yet in depth range of experience to draw from when working with any business in any industry.
  2. He's generated a minimum of an 8.4X profit margin across multiple businesses. One of the most important factor when determining if someone is a great marketer or business owner, is when they are capable of accomplishing high rates of profit across multiple different industries. 
  3. The training, education, and knowledge he shares - is extremely valuable and industry breaking. Jon makes sure whether he's speaking on stage or on a podcast, to only share extremely actionable strategies for growth that you can easily apply and see results for with your business. He does this in a very personable and honest way, without any fluff of any kind. 


What Makes Jon Different From Other Marketers?

Jon has a very humorous, personable, and transparent demeanor that is very rarely expressed in the business world. Most marketers and business owners are to preoccupied with wanting to "be seen as being professional" - that they lack passion, care, and what makes most people truly human. 

Jon loves his audience and you can tell through how he speaks, and through what he speaks about. 


Jon Weberg's Speaking Experience

You'll often find Jon speaking in person across the world and in some of the worlds largest and most impactful podcasts as well. Jon has spoken at event with 25,000+ attendees, for top 1% podcasts, and he also has been a featured speaker for extremely private masterminds for some of the worlds best marketing and business talent. 


How Did Jon Get Started In Business?

At 13 years old, Jon watched as his dad Richard Weberg was able to bring their family out of immense poverty through using digital marketing. He was an all honors student that loved to game, yet decided that if his dad could used marketing to free their family, Jon knew he could use it to accomplish everything he wanted in life. So, he began his first affiliate marketing business at this age. 

At 15 years old he launched Marketing Master Elite with a friend from his school, it initially was a complete failure. Running Jon a -$2,000. He decided to still continue with digital marketing, and began to grow his presence and business in the affiliate marketing world.

From 15 to 23 years old, Jon grew his affiliate marketing empire and sold millions of dollars of affiliate marketing products and services. While operating his affiliate business he also did consulting and freelancing for a variety of businesses of notable volume. He would eventually consult for 2 businesses that had done over $250 million in sales, at the age of 21. 

In the background of all of his businesses, speaking, and traveling - he was working on Profitalize the entire time. At 25 he launched Profitalize which became the worlds #1 community and training platform for businesses and entrepreneurs all across the world. 


What Are His 2 Self-Published Books Like?

Jon has 2 self published books that cover both life in general, finances, marketing, and business. The 2 books you can find anywhere online and especially on Amazon are...

Both books offer in depth and personal experience being an entrepreneur and navigating life in a profitable and extremely enjoyable way. 


Final Thoughts

If you want to learn how to profitably grow your business for decades to come, advance your marketing or affiliate marketing knowledge beyond anything you've experience before, or want to learn from a global speaker, Jon Weberg is the digital marketer you should work with.

We find him among only a select few others to be among the top 1% of ethical, knowledgeable, and personal marketers to ever have been born. 

Jon Weberg is the founder of Profitalize, Emoneypeeps, and Weberg Enterprises, LLC.


With our kindest regards,

The Profitalize Team

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