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What Percent Of Leads Should Be Organic?

lead generation Sep 21, 2023
What Percent Of Leads Should Be Organic

While businesses are focused on generating as many high quality leads as they can, there's a question that comes to mind. And that's the question of how many, or what percent, of leads being generated in any given business should be organic.

This reason this question comes to mind - the argument of paid leads vs organic leads. While some businesses swear by paid advertising, others aren't convinced and want to focus on organic and free methods. So... What percent of your leads should be organically generated? Let's answer that now, and walk you through more important organic lead generation thoughts...

What Percent Of Leads Should Be Organic?

Around 25-50% of the leads you're generating in your business should be organic. This gives you a balance between the 2 types of lead being generated. As well, often you can identify if a business is scalable - if it is first tested with organic traffic. 

Now that you understand how many of your leads should be organic, it's time to answer more questions concerning organic lead generation that you may have.

Why Should A Business Generate Organic Leads In The First Place?

Organic leads are in fact different than paid leads in a few different ways. Other than the fact that you don't pay for organic leads other than with your time, there's another differentiating factor between the 2 types of lead generation. It's the simple fact, that organic leads are usually of better quality. Why?

Because they've naturally chosen to learn more about your brand. This is often times found to generate higher quality leads, since you're not "convincing leads to learn more about your products" through paid advertising. 

This is one of the many reasons why your business should focus on lead generation that's organic in the first place. So, you can test how well your business will perform without pressuring & pushing people through any given sales process. More often than not - any offer that performs organically, will perform exceptionally well with advertising. 

Generating organic leads means truly testing your offer and how high converting your sales process either is, or isn't.

Should Every Business Generate Leads Organically?

Yes, organic lead generation should be done by every business both online and offline. Here's a few of the most important reasons why...

  1. Organic lead generation is free - More leads for the business that you don't have to pay for equals higher profit margins at lower costs. Who doesn't want that?
  2. Organic leads truly test your offer - Want to know how well your business will scale with paid ads or paid lead generation? Test it first organically.
  3. Organic leads in combination with paid lead generation positively effects business growth - Using both paid lead gen with organic lead gen means your business will grow faster than competitors just relying on one single method.

Should You Increase How Many Organic Leads You're Generating?

That depends on you overall budget and marketing plan. If you're looking to develop a long term lead generation plan and have time on your hands, this is when organic lead generation efforts should be optimized and increased. If you have a large budget and have experience running paid lead generation campaigns at a profit before, then keep running paid ads. 

Deciding how many of which type of leads you should be generating, is entirely based on your business model and what will convert the best.

Final Thoughts On The Percent Of Leads That Should Be Organic

Since at least a quarter to half of your total leads being generated should be organic, it's time to make sure that your organic lead generation strategies are being fine tuned. This is where optimization of your organic lead generation will drastically help increase your total leads and customers being generated over time. 

Organic lead gen is a powerful method of lead growth that can & will help your business naturally grow. Make it a priority for you or someone else in your business to learn more about - and you'll be able to surpass the number of leads anyone else in your industry is generating with ease.

And if you want to learn more about lead generation and other ways to grow your business, definitely consider becoming a member of our community so we can teach you how!

Thank you so much for reading through this walkthrough of deciding what portion of leads should be generated in an organic matter. We appreciate you so much! Feel free to share and spread this article, or read others on our blog.

With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg & The Profitalize Team

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