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4 (1 Hour) Consulting Call Sessions

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1. Frank Kern. 2. Skool. 3. Kajabi

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Here's What You'll Learn On Each Call

After consulting for hundreds of business in nearly every industry known to man - Jon has a well defined & proven consulting schedule to ensure the success of EVERY client.

Call #1: Measuring & Creating Your Foundation

To ensure your business is highly profitable and stays that way, we're going to take a deep dive to digest what you currently have in place, how it's performing, measuring the most important metrics, and seeing which "holes" in your business need to be fixed.

This is a full hour into discovering how well your business is truly performing and identifying exactly what's needed next to accentuate growth.

Call #2: Optimizing For Profitabilty & Growth

Once your foundation is measured, created, and evaluated - we'll optimize your entire business from lead generation to your funnels - to ensure maximum profitability, high conversion rates, and a set it and forget it business ready to scale on autopilot. 

We'll apply 5-7 different methods for instantly increasing ROI by a minimum of 2X-5X

Call #3: Hyper Speed Lead Generation

After we've optimized your lead generation, your funnels, and your follow up to ensure the highest possible return on investment - Jon will walk you through the 5 fastest ways to produce high quality leads in as little time as possible. Lead generation is the life and blood of your business, you'll be generating 100's  - 1000's of leads per day.

Call #4: Scaling, Outsourcing, & Growth

Finally,. now that you have a highly profitable sales machine - it's time to scale your business to 8+ figures, outsource to become more efficient and save your time, and Jon will even walk you through his 3 highest ROI growth activities to follow to ensure your business scales...FAST!

Jon will share where to find affordable VA's and talent, how to train them, and how to manage them. Additionally, you'll learn the fastest methods for scaling your business, your own efforts, and much more.

The TRUTH About What It's Like To Work 1 on 1 with Jon!


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Whether You're A Solopreneur or World Renown Company - Jon Has Your Back 

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