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Does Organic Lead Generation Cost Money?

lead generation Sep 25, 2023
Does Organic Lead Generation Cost Money?

You'll find more often than not, that the only cost of doing organic lead generation, is the time spent practicing it. Otherwise, no - organic lead generation does not usually cost upfront money.

On occasion organic lead generation strategies can have some costs, but these costs are typically lower compared to paid advertising methods. Organic lead generation focuses on attracting potential customers naturally through non-paid methods, such as content marketing, SEO, social media engagement, and email marketing.

While the majority of your organic lead generation strategies aren't going to cost you money initially, we want to walk you through potential organic lead generation costs you may have as you expand your organic lead generation efforts.

Potential Costs Associated With Organic Lead Generation:

While there are usually little to no costs that occur when doing organic lead gen, we wanted to still cover some of the potential costs you may face at some point. Each of these costs related to organic lead generation don't usually cost very much, and they are usually necessary at some point in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Outsourcing Content Creation

Producing high-quality and valuable content for your target audience is a fundamental component of organic lead generation. While creating content may require time and effort, it doesn't necessarily require a significant financial investment if you produce the content in-house. However, some businesses may choose to outsource content creation, which can start adding up the costs. You'll find that outsourcing content creation may take some initial investments, but it can be worthwhile especially if you're focused on long term organic lead generation. 

We recommend however that you only start hiring out the creation or management of your content, once the amount of time that it takes to create and manage said content - exceeds the value generated from the content being made.

Hiring VA's & Other Talent

As you grow your business you'll find that eventually you just won't have enough time to manage everything. This is why hiring VA's and outsourcing often becomes a staple of a "solopreneur". You'll know that it's time to hire out a personal assistant, appointment setter, or another role - once you start having to many tasks still needing to be completed at the end of the day. You'll want to make sure you hire affordable yet quality talent and only for the most crucial result producing roles that you can't currently handle on your own.

Social Media Management

Building and maintaining a strong presence on social media platforms is the main part of organic lead generation. While creating and sharing content on social media is generally free, some businesses invest in social media management tools or may spend money on occasional sponsored posts.

Along with the general costs, you'll often find that as businesses grow they also eventually hire a social media management VA or outsource the role so it's not being done in-house. This is because producing results from social media management while it can be handled for free and in house, having it done more efficiently by a VA can be a lot more profitable at times.

Video Editing & Management

Most business owners and entrepreneurs don't specialize in video editing. This is where while creating video content, either short form or long form organic videos, most entrepreneurs end up outsourcing the editing and cutting of the videos they produce. It takes a bit of learning and talent to be able to craft videos that retain viewers and that also convert. This means that often hiring out either a VA or service for this role can be quite profitable.


How Much Less Does Organic Lead Generation Cost Compared To Paid Lead Generation?

It's important to note that while there are costs associated with organic lead generation, these costs are generally lower than those associated with paid advertising methods, such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or social media advertising. Additionally, the long-term benefits of organic lead generation often outweigh the initial investments, as organic efforts can continue to attract leads over time without continuous advertising spend.

Overall this means that focusing strictly on organic lead generation often times cost many times less money then it does to do paid lead generation. Using only organic lead generation will however take much more time to accomplish any lead generation or customer oriented goal. As the main crutch of organic lead generation is the vast amount of time it takes in order to produce actual leads .vs. just content alone.

How Much Time Does It Take To Do Organic Lead Generation?

The time it takes to do organic lead generation depends on the the type of organic lead generation that is being done. If you're creating long form video for social media and also syndicating that content & editing it, it may takes hours. If you're just creating short form videos like Facebook Reelz and YouTube shorts, it may take just a few minutes. Overall, either you or someone on your team should estimate and take at least a minimum of 2-4 hours per day to create, edit, and manage organic lead generation. This applies to any organic lead generate strategy being use or implemented.

How Much Does Outsourcing Organic Lead Gen Cost?

Outsourcing your organic lead generation can cost anywhere from $100 - $1000's per month. The cost simply depends on the complexity and amount of organic lead generation that needs to be accomplished in any given time period. For example, hiring an agency to manage your social media marketing could cost $3,000 per month. While hiring a subscription service that edits just your short form video content, may only cost a few hundred dollars per month. 

You should again however, only outsource your organic lead generation if you know for certain that having it done by someone else who specializes in it, will product more profit or save your own time.

Final Thoughts

Organic lead generation when done correctly, can be a critical method for producing leads & customers for years to come for any business. While it a low to no cost lead generation method, that doesn't mean that you should necessarily avoid spending some money on  your organic lead generation. Often businesses look to organic lead generation as an extremely affordable way to generate leads without the uncertainty of paid advertising which can be difficult to master. 

Regardless of your budget or time constraints, we highly recommend that you do organic lead generation. Doing it affordably and without spending a lot of money can be done pretty easily. 

With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg & The Profitalize Team

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