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How To Nurture Organic Leads So They Become Customers Faster

lead generation Nov 07, 2023

The entire marketing and business world knows that in order for leads to become customers, they must usually first be nurtured. The reason why this is? Because in essence your lead is a real person - who must build trust with a business before deciding to spend their hard earned dollars on your products or services. 

Nurturing organic leads involves building and maintaining relationships with potential customers over time, guiding them through the sales funnel, and ultimately converting them into paying customers. If you nurture your leads correctly, they'll become a customer and buy with your business much faster and at a lower cost. Here are steps to effectively nurture organic leads regardless of which type of organic lead generation was used to get them.

1. Segment Your Leads

One of things you can do in order to nurture you leads more effectively, is to segment them. Divide your leads into different segments based on their characteristics, behaviors, interests, and where they are in the buying journey. This allows you to tailor your nurturing efforts to each group's needs. By better tailoring and customizing your messaging & follow based upon what your leads are doing, you'll better resonate with them. And of course, the more you resonate with your leads, the more likely they are to buy because they were nurtured based upon their actions.

2. Create Relevant Content

Highly relative content is the name of the game when it comes to following up with your leads in order to convert them. Because of this, you'll want to develop a content marketing strategy that provides valuable and relevant information to your leads. This content should address their pain points, answer their questions, and offer solutions.

- Use different content formats such as blog posts, eBooks, webinars, videos, and infographics to cater to various preferences.

The more closely relevant content is to the exact issues your leads are facing, the better.

3. Email Marketing

Yes, you can text, call, and direct message your leads - but data shows that email marketing is still the highest converting form of lead nurturing there is. Period. This means focusing on and improving your email marketing will allow you to convert way more of your organic leads into repeat buying customers.

  • Implement an email marketing campaign that includes automated drip sequences.
  • Send personalized emails that deliver content, educational resources, and promotions based on the lead's interests and behavior.
  • Use segmentation to send targeted emails to specific groups within your lead database.

4. Lead Scoring

Each lead based upon the actions they are or aren't taking when interacting with follow up, should be scored based upon those actions. The more they interact, the higher their score and the more likely they are to become a buyer with additional follow up. You can use organic lead segmentation along with organic lead scoring in order to improve the effectiveness of lead scoring itself.

  1. Assign scores to leads based on their engagement with your content and interactions with your website.
  2. Prioritize leads with higher scores for more focused and timely follow-up.

You can score leads based on how much follow up they've already received, the actions they've taken with past follow up, and many other factors as well. The better your scoring, the more you know a lead has been properly nurtured.

5. Personalization

Time and time again, the most personalized and customized communication always converts the best. Yes, taking time to learn about your leads and who they are or to simply use tagging to personalize communication - will allow you to nurture your leads faster. Why? Any type of personalized communication is always more nurturing then communication that isn't calling out directly to the person receiving it.

  • Customize your communication with leads by addressing them by name and referencing their specific interests or previous interactions.
  • Personalization can significantly increase engagement and conversion rates.

Think about every piece of communication or follow up you receive. Are you more likely to open a text that starts with your name at the beginning, or one that's selling you? See, even you feel more nurtured when follow up is personalized. Organic leads & even paid leads need proper personalization.

6. Timely Follow-Up

Following up with a lead faster, means a higher conversion rate. It's really that simple! Whether you are generating organic leads through blogging or podcasting, if you just follow up with the leads as they come in at a faster pace, this causes them to be more easily nurtured. Why? Following up faster shows you are paying closer attention to the lead, which signifies that you care to them.

  • Respond promptly to inquiries or actions taken by leads, such as downloading a resource or filling out a contact form.
  • Automated triggers can help ensure timely follow-ups, but personalization is key to making the follow-up more effective.

Better timed follow up alone is among the top organic lead generation strategies that will allow you to nurture you leads faster then nearly any other. 

Final Thoughts

Nurturing organic leads is an ongoing process that requires patience and dedication. By providing value, building trust, and personalizing your interactions, you can move leads through the funnel and increase the likelihood of conversion over time. All of these top organic lead nurturing strategies when done properly, will raise organic leads conversions, while being optimized for higher profit margins.

You should use a combination of these strategies across all of your organic lead generation in order to better nurture your organic leads and quickly increase the effectiveness of your organic lead generation campaigns.

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